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About the Fanzine

“The Hub” is the only Torchwood fanzine or even magazine available. Providing articles from all across the Torchwood universe, “The Hub” brings readers new adventures in fictions, debates, votes and polls, all the latest news and more. The fanzine began in March 2011 and was an instant hit. A weekly edition ran for the first seven episodes of Miracle Day which will soon be re-released in a special re-print edition.

The Team

  • Editor: MATT POWELL
  • Executive Producers: D.J. FORREST/LOUISE MILLS
  • Copy Editor: LISA MORAN

The Hub

The Hub runs, on average, once every two months bringing an average total of six issues a year. Each issue contains a wide variety of content following a certain theme or, if a new series is present, the season occuring.

Issue Catalogue

Issue One: Available from:
– Torchwood Through Time article
– Miracle Day Filming News
– The Five Jacks Part One
– Gwen Character Profile
– Format Debate
– Doothcrow Review
– All the latest news
and more!
– Jack and Ianto Relationship Overview
– “Inside Twitter”
– The Five Jacks Part Two
– The Top Ten Torchwood Kisses
– The Woodie World
– Toshiko Character Overview
– News
– Fiction: Ethics
and more!
– Miracle Day Special (Including an exclusive episode one preview)
– The Five Jacks Part Three
– Realism V Escapism
– The Musical Tale P1
– Previously on Torchwood
– Miracle Day Viewing Guide
– Book Feature
– News
– Posters

– Kai Owen Interview
– Miracle Day Special
– Christmas Based Fiction
– The Musical Tale Part Two
– News
– Articles
and more!
– Richard Stokes and Ray Holman Interview
– Calm Before the Storm
– Radio Ga Ga
– Fiction
– The Musical Tale Part Three
– News
– Articles
and more!
Issue Seven: Final Issue
– Daniele Favilli and Marie Doris Interviews
– A look at Wales and the Ianto Shrine
– New Fiction
– News
– Articles

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