About Us

“RTPProductions”, Reverse the Polarity Productions, is a non-profit fanzine company mainly exploring the universes of Doctor Who and Torchwood. The company launched on the 14th August 2010 with our first every fanzine: Reverse the Polarity which closed in May 2011 due to various reasons. We currently produce two regular fanzines: The Hub- the only Torchwood Fanzine on the internet, and Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey- a Doctor Who fanzine, All are available to download for free online.

We also produce occasional fanzines such as “The Hub Weekly” which ran during Miracle Day and will hopefully return in the future around another Torchwood series. On top of this we are currently planning various e-books and “The Best of” editions of our fanzines which will be available as print copies only.

Later this year, we aim to bring new fanzines with bigger features as well as podcasts, videos and more…

Contact Us

There are many ways you can contact us about our work, wanting to write for the fanzines, have a proposal for the company or have any questions…

You can also comment on any of the blogs pages. These are moderated.


We are not affiliated with with the amazing website/company “Reverse the Polarity Productions LLT” but you can find them here! http://reversethepolarityproductions.com/index.html


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