Polarity Creative BEGINS!



Click the image for Polarity Creative goodness!

Today marks a very important day in our history: we are thrilled to launch our company rebrand with “Polarity Creative”: our brand new home and set up.

Polarity Creative is a rebrand/relaunch of RTP.”I personally found we needed to boost our level on the internet thus I began researching several sites to make a new site. We designed the site on Wix.com and found it to be very useful and perfect for the task at hand. Thus we began to design a new site.” The site features new pages for all of our Polarity Creative productions and even some brand new stuff! The site is here: http://www.polaritycreative.co.uk/– go and check it out plus you can open the first advent calendar video (which announces loads of cool things). Most days are interviews however today we talk through all the changes!

This blog will stay open for news and updates but the site will be our main home. The blog will be re-designed shortly! But for now- let’s kick Christmas of with POLARITY CREATIVE!


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