Brand New Torchwood in Six Days!

New Torchwood- THIS SATURDAY!

It’s been about four weeks since we last joined the new Torchwood team but all of that is about to change! The second episode of “Torchwood: The Forgotten” is out this Saturday. “SkyHigh” introduces Scott played by Curtis Salmon, (far right on the cover,): Scott is an air steward who gets pulled into the world of Torchwood not by choice… This episode tells his story and the story of SkyHigh… Not enough teasers for you? Well below is the synopsis!

SkyHigh Airlines is one of the UK’s largest companies. But after a severe attack on one of the planes, something has been wrong with the company ever since. The CEO never shows his face, staff are acting weird and flights have vanished and no one seems to care. Enter Torchwood: with Ed and Jack acting as passengers on a flight to Orlando with Skye as their Hostess and Tom and Bex in the main SkyHigh base in Heathrow, the team begin to unwrap the truth of SkyHigh…

Throughout the week I’ll be posting teasers and trailers for the episode, (I get the audio edit back tonight!) If you want to hear the first trailer, you can hear it on the episode at the very end here and, if you haven’t heard it yet give it a shot!

Following the release of the episode, the following week will see the Behind the Scenes released as well as a short trailer for the third episode, currently in post production. Watch out for new competitions over the next few weeks to win scripts, some Torchwood goodies and even a chance to be in an episode!

SkyHigh is released November 24th, likely to be early in the day as I am at Memorabillia all day. If you are at Memorabillia please come and say hi!

SkyHigh stars Matt Powell, Daniel Woolley, Katie Winfield, Jacob Orgill, Beth Holgate, Hayley Clark and introduces Curtis Salmon as Scott


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