What’s Happening with RTPProductions

It’s time for an update- it’s going to have a lot of good news and a lot of bad news.

Recently I suffered a major software crash meaning I cannot edit any of the fanzines. I and my friends are working on getting it back- the sooner we do, the faster we can bring out new magazines and begin work on our second new project which is completely different to anything you’ve ever seen before. Further to this, as of 2013 we will be renaming the company. Full details will be revealed in the coming weeks.

THE HUB: We’re sad to announce that The Hub will not be back until early (Jan-April) 2013 and will only be released twice yearly in a bumper, larger issue with more content and even better interviews. We are also saying goodbye to our two associate producers who will sadly be missed as they head on out to work on bigger and new projects. We wish them well. Full details will be unveiled of the new version of “The Hub” next year. This Christmas however, you will be able to purchase copies of The Hub at a reduced rate for Christmas.

ELEVENTH HOUR #2/TIMEY WIMEY: In December 2012, we are thrilled to announce the launch of a new Doctor Who fanzine which will be print only. The semi regular (hopefully every month) fanzine, named “Timey Wimey” will celebrate each era of Doctor Who with interviews, features, reviews and a look at the history of Doctor Who. Eleventh Hour #2 was originally intended for release this month however delays sadly meant we had to put the magazine back again due to lack of content and the crash. Therefore: Eleventh Hour will now be integrated into “Timey Wimey” in a bumper edition which will be released after Jenna and Matt’s season next year, (likely August/September).

TORCHWOOD- THE FORGOTTEN: The success of the new audio season has been brilliant and I cannot thank you all enough for all of you that have listened to it, shared it and enjoyed it. Episode Two is out, hopefully, in two weeks which is my personal favourite episode! TW:TF will continue every month until next October where the season is set to end. A second new project is currently in the works which is very different to anything we have ever made…

CHRISTMAS!: I’m very happy to confirm that from the 1st-25th December, RTP will be hosting an advent calendar featuring a wide range of video content! This includes a host of interviews, the launch of an RTP Sale (more details soon), and some very exciting surprises. Full details, and graphics, will be revealed later this month!


I will be updating the site again very soon: I have many plans for a new site which will allow us more flexibility with layout and design. I hope to launch this in 2013.

Many thanks for your continued support, things are going to be brilliant!



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