Torchwood: The Forgotten- OUT NOW!

“After stopping an alien drug trade, the Torchwood team are called to a backstreet were they learn an alien gang is in operation. But at the same time of this discovery, a man gets in the way and ends up being taken out by the alien gang. After managing to bring him back, the team begin to find out the intentions of the gang. But can this new boy be trusted?”

Torchwood is finally back in the premiere episode of “The Forgotten!” Months of hard work, acting, writing and production have all come together to produce something I am very proud of. This is the first in a season of brand new Torchwood adventures which are released each month. As a personal thanks, I want to say a massive thanks to the cast who generously gave their time to help put this production together and make the show what it is. Please share your thoughts on the episode over on our Facebook Page and please share! If you like the page you are in with the chance of winning a signed script and some more RTP prizes! Plus any comments on the story will be entered into winning a script as well! To download, side click the “Download Now” and, if on Windows: “Save Target As”; Mac: “Download Linked File”

So ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, weevils and Cyberwomen. Let’s remember the Forgotten…



  • CAPTAIN JACK: Matt Powell
  • ED YATES: Daniel Woolley
  • SKYE BENNET: Katie Winfield
  • TOM DARLAN: Jacob Orgill
  • BEX GILBANK: Beth Holgate
  • SOPHIA: Hayley Clark
  • SECROS: Matt Powell


  • Writer: MATT POWELL
  • Vocal Editor: MATT POWELL
  • Sound Effects Provider: ALEX MATTHEWS

Special thanks to the crew, the fans and my friends for supporting this project.


4 thoughts on “Torchwood: The Forgotten- OUT NOW!

  1. Nicely done. Matt’s Jack is a very creditable rendition. Limitations of the audio format can sometimes muddy story telling, and here, in places, it took a few seconds to realise we’d changed location/scene. It’s great to see that the characters have some flesh to them, such as the impending(?) wedding.
    Odd that the crew know about Jack’s regenerative powers, but since they’re all doomed before the TV team, that should resolve itself. 🙂
    One (or more?) suspicious team member for a bit of internal conflict..
    Looking forward to where you’re going next.

    • Many thanks. We try to identify the scene changes with “Transition Vworps”. It will be clearer in episode two. We’ve planned out the characters in great depth- the wedding will come!

      Yes there are a couple secrets in the team.

      Many thanks! Skyhigh is out in November!

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