Torchwood Returns this SATURDAY!

Coming this Saturday is the first episode of Torchwood: The Forgotten! In just six days, you’ll be introduced to a brand new world of Torchwood in “Beginnings!” But what is the opening story about I here you cry? Well…

After stopping an alien drug trade, the Torchwood team are called to a backstreet were they learn an alien gang is in operation. But at the same time of this discovery, a man gets in the way and ends up being taken out by the alien gang. After managing to bring him back, the team begin to find out the intentions of the gang. But can this new boy be trusted?

The episode will be free to download with the opening five minutes (ish) being made available on YouTube. In light of the season, we’ll be releasing character profiles, behind the scenes gossip, teasers, previews and more. Plus we’ll be releasing a trailer later this week, (probably Wednesday), which will introduce you to what you might see and hear in this opening story.

To get even more exclusives, please like our Facebook page! The more likes we get, the more exclusives we’ll be bringing to you!

It’s coming!


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