A Pond Farewell

Today, the 29th September 2012, it’s the end of an era. 32 episodes ago, we were introduced to the Fairytale Girl in Leadworth who waited all her life for her Raggedy Man and her boyfriend. You know them better as Amy and Rory. Tonight these two characters will be saying their final farewell. Amy and Rory are my favourite companions: they provided emotional story lines, dark moments, funny moment and some scenes I will remember for the rest of my life. I’ve had the honour of meeting them both and they are both lovely and brilliant to talk to. Later tonight/tomorrow I’ll be posting my thoughts on the episode and my conclusive thoughts on the journey of Amy and Rory.

Get ready- this is going to be big…



One thought on “A Pond Farewell

  1. Not sure what others thought of this episode. But I liked it. Yes it was terribly sad, of course it was, we were losing the wonderful Ponds. But they didn’t die, they lived their lives out together, just in a different time and country.

    The Doctor said he will never be able to see them again, but things have changed before, so you never know.

    I thought it was a beautiful story of love and tremendous courage from Amy. Her love for the Doctor, River and of course the man of her life Rory.

    It was so touching to hear River call Amy Mother, something I don’t remember being said before. This small reminder that these two p[people are her parents, something that sometimes is lost in the stories.

    So now life and time continues and we all wait for how Oswin will return as the new companion after her apparent death as a Dalek!

    Cannot wait…Roll on Christmas special!!!

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