TORCHWOOD’S BACK!: New Audio Season Revealed!

RTPProductions is thrilled to announce a new age in our already expansive range. Begining this October, a brand new Torchwood Audio Season will begin broadcasting online, free to download.
The season is set in that unexplained period between the begining of the 21st Century and the formation of the team we saw and loved in the first two seasons. The season follows the story of four members with dark secrets and lives outisde of Torchwood and how Jack’s first team met their exit…
Matt Powell, (Jack, Editor/Writer/Producer), comments: “This project has been a dream I’ve had for around two years and to finally do it is amazing! The story has been in development for a while and even now we’re coming up with new and exciting ideas for the season and where it will go. The season, whilst having a running arc, will feature a wide range of traditional Torchwood stories which allow you to get to know the team and the secrets that they keep… Each episode runs for around 30 minutes”
The show stars a range of new youth talent leading as the team. “The cast are amazing- they are all very commited to their characters and you will fall in love with them!” Playing Ed Yates is Daniel Woolley; Tom Darlan by Jacob Orgill; Skye Bennet by Katie Winfield and Beth Holgate plays Bex Gilbank. “We also have an amazing cast of supporting leads who play various roles alongside a title role.” Hayley Clark plays Ed’s future wife Sophia as well as various small parts and Curtis Salmon stars as Scott who we meet in Episode Two.
“Episode One will see this brand new Torchwood world come to life through the eyes of Tom who joins the team during this episode. Episode One, titled “Beginings” sees the team combat a mysterious force running through Cardiff.
Beginings is due out in October with only one more day of recording needed. Episodes will then be released on a monthly basis: Episode Two in November, Three in December eccertera. “Principal recording on Episodes One-Three has been completed, (all but one day for Episode One,) and Episodes Four to Five will be recorded in October.”
We’ll be bringing character and actor profiles over the next few weeks as well as the first trailers and much more!
The season will be covered on various online sites:

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