Matt’s Immediate Reactions: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

  • I frickin loved it!
  • I’m in love with Rory’s Dad. Mark Williams shone in that role and the chemistry him and Arthur had was perfect. I can’t wait to see him again in The Power of Three
  • In fact all the guest cast were brilliant. David Bradley was a brilliant villain, Lestrade (I’ve forgotten his name!) was hilarious and so was the Queen Netifai! Mitchell and Webb as the robots was also hilarious.
  • The writing was perfect. Chinball is forgiven of all sins from his past Smith story. This and the Pond Lifes have been superb. Really enjoyable.
  • The shot of Mark Williams eating his lunch over Earth was so beautiful. The CGI in the story was also beautiful. Those dinosaurs were better than Jurrasic Park. Money well spent I think.
  • Next week’s episode looks brilliant as well. I was worried about it but from seeing the promo artwork (which is AMAZING) and this weeks trailers I can’t wait!
  • Overall: better than Asylum! A very fun, fast paced story. PROPER Doctor Who!

And finally, the BBC trailer:


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