At long last… A RORY FIGURE!

After two seasons, two Amy variants and countless Doctors, we’re finally getting the highly anticipated Rory figure and I can’t wait. I literally fanboyed out when I saw this revealed! The product description is as follows:

Rory Williams, Mr. Pond or “The Last Centurion” is Amy’s husband, a straightforward sort of bloke who was initially wary of the Doctor and his constant surprises. He’s known Amy since they were children, when she made him dress up as her legendary ‘raggedy Doctor’. That’s why Rory entered the medical profession.

Rory’s compassionate, inquisitive, and capable of great bravery and endurance. He loves Amy, but the Doctor sometimes exasperates him. And he worries that Amy’s only with him because he reminds her of the Time Lord. A bit. Following them both around has already landed Rory in huge amounts of trouble but he’s faced terrifying aliens with courage and would defend his wife no matter what monsters or mad men threatened her.

The product is due October 6th, (but will likely be earlier), and is only £8.99 from Forbidden Planet! Soon as I have the cash I’ll be ordering a couple of these!


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