RIP Mary Tamm: 1950-2012

We are devastated to report that yesterday, actress Mary Tamm, the first Romana, has passed away. Her agent reported that her death was caused by cancer. Mary Tamm joined the Fourth Doctor in the iconic 70’s season “The Key to Time” playing a time lord who was forced onto the Doctor to help him in his task to find and collect the Key to Time. She left after a lengthy season. She never fell away from Doctor Who recording several Big Finish stories, appearing at various conventions and writing an autobiography. She has recorded seven new adventures with Tom Baker set for release next year from January 2013.

I never met Mary: she was meant to do LFCC in 2011 however he dropped out for health reasons. There was something about Mary that was different from any other companion: she was “the same” as the Doctor. It wasn’t the usual “young girl picked up” which was very well done. Mary was able to play this “coping time lord” as well as bringing a strong sense of humour and wit to the character. I am saddened by her passing and on return to England I will be reliving the Key to Time season.

Condolences to her family and may she rest in peace with all the other Who stars in the sky.



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