An RTP Update!

The Two Matts… I’ll be releasing a convention report of this on my personal blog soon!

Hello all!

A lot has been going on at RTPProductions both personally and businesly! (Is that a word?) In terms of personal events: I attended the STUNNING Eleventh Hour convention on Sunday which was amazing and I will definitely be attending MIDNIGHT in December, (just need to earn the cash for a Gold Ticket!) I have just got through a hellish week of exams accompanied by prom, (which resulted in the utter pain and agony I suffered from the amount of dancing. I danced with everyone at Prom. The Women were brilliant! The men were a bit shy…)

But you don’t care about my life: the reason you’re here is for RTPProductions! So let’s get to it!

Eleventh Hour is still available for sale which will NOT be released online, only as a printed fanzine. We will be holding a summer sale soon to shift sales in which you will be able to obtain copies for a reduced price. Plus, at any convention I am at I’ll try and have some copies on me if you want one.  I am hoping to be at a convention in September with a dealers table where you will be able to buy a wide range of RTP products including fanzines, audiobooks (more on that in the near future), and more! Eleventh Hour will return in the Autumn in a Series Six edition. If you are interested in writing for it, please contact me at for more details on what we’re after. We are trying to secure some big names for the issue and being it will be released around Children in Need, we will be donating money from the release to Children in Need.

The Hub is back and even bigger than ever before! With the recent announcement of our John and Carole Barrowman interview, we’ve been getting content ready to last us the next few months with new interviews and more already planned for future issues! Our current release schedule is Issue Six in July; Issue Seven in Late August/September and Issue Eight in October/November. A christmas special will be coming to so do not fear! We are also working on a very exciting project for The Hub which I can’t wait to announce: it could be the start of something huge… We will also be releasing printed editions of The Hub from here on out on top of the online release. Printed copies will be released ONE WEEK EARLIER than the online edition too and will be limited!

We have some even more exciting things coming up later this year too! WIBBLY WOBBLY TIMEY WIMEY will return hopefully in August with some great interviews, a look at Big Finish, an awful lot of Convention Reports, my visit to the Big Finish Studios and more! We are also hoping to bring you a special fanzine this year plus, if I can get people on board, a new idea which I’ve had for a very long time…

Finally: look out for new video content coming from RTP soon including sketches, blogs and more! Don’t miss it!


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