OUT NOW: The Hub Issue Five

DOWNLOAD NOW: https://reversethepolarityproductions.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/issue5finaledition2.pdf

After nearly six months The Hub finally returns with a large range of new content including…

– Interviews with S1-3 Costume Designer RAY HOLMAN and S1-2 Producer RICHARD STOKES in “Torchwood Tales”

– We take a look at the gap between the end of S2 and Children of Earth in “Calm Before the Storm”

– Delve into the Radio Plays in “Radio Ga Ga!”

– We look at Exit Wounds in an in-depth analysis and fiction!

– A new Torchwood story!

– A look at Morality in Torchwood

– A heartfelt salute to the Showmasters “The Hub Conventions”

– And the EPIC ending to the Musical Tale… Things are about to get nasty…

DOWNLOAD FOR FREE TODAY!:https://reversethepolarityproductions.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/issue5finaledition2.pdf


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