THE HUB: The Exciting Future!

THE HUB IS BACK! And we are THRILLED to announce that we have managed to secure an interview with JOHN AND CAROLE BARROWMAN!

Our amazing new Associate Producer Debs Forrest has been in contact and they have agreed to give an interview for a future issue around the release of EXODUS CODE! However- we are sending our questions in the coming weeks therefore we need YOU GUYS TO GIVE US QUESTIONS you want asked to either of the amazing people or both! We’ll be hand-picking the best and you never know your question may be asked!


We have also managed to secure for the next issue (not the one out this week- more later,) DANIELE FAVILLI, Angelo in Torchwood Miracle Day! We will be chatting to him TOMORROW so please get your questions in as soon as possible to either our Twitter, email or commenting!


THE HUB finally returns THIS WEEK in an all new issue featuring interviews with costume designer RAY HOLMAN and Torchwood S1 and 2 Producer RICHARD STOKES! Plus we have some amazing articles, features, fictions and the epic conclusion to The Musical Tale! It’s about to get very rude and bad…

So for those of you who believed the Hub was dead and gone- you are wrong. We have a minimum of THREE ISSUES to come this year and we’re working our hardest to bring you some amazing content this year- and if we haven’t already with this announcement then I don’t know what we should be bringing you 😛


4 thoughts on “THE HUB: The Exciting Future!

  1. question for John and carole, what made you write a book for children and not adults and was it more challenging to do so?

  2. YAY 😀

    OK, question for John and Carole:
    Assuming Hollow Earth is adapted for television, which actors would you ideally love to be involved?

  3. I read with surprise the artcle re the HUB as i had been sure that Gareth David Lloyd had attended regularly.He and Kai alwayseem to make a lovely team and it is hard to imagine the HUB without both of them.And yet his name is never mentioned once in the article whilst others who appeared only once were singled out for thanks.At least this issue was off set by a postive review of The House of the Dead which really wasa pleasure to listen to and felt much more like Torchwood than the ten over extended epissodes of Miracle Day which have had recieved a mixed response.

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