The Series Seven Filming Guide- UPDATED: 04/03/2012

Hey folks! Matt here just explaining how this is going to work. Any little bits of filming will be posted on this page. Major casting announcements, press releases, promotional images etc will gain there own section however for now this is where you can get all the information you need. Enjoy!

UPDATE: You can read the BBC Press Release about the season HERE. 


20TH FEB 2012

  • It has been confirmed via set reports that Ron Weasley’s Dad, Mark Williams, will feature in the episode being shot.   It is rumoured that Mark is to play Rory’s Dad, (ed. AWESOME!)
  • Today has seen Mark, Arthur and Karen on location at Church Road
  • However it is known that they moved streets at 2pm
  • Gillan is reported to have left the set at 2pm in a taxi leaving Darvill and Williams on set together
  • However- no Smith has been spotted.Edit

Finally, and most importantly, Rory’s got a new hairstyle!

23RD FEB 2012

The latest bit of news, (excluding the new image and press release,) is the current location filming. Presumably for the same episode, the crew and cast have moved to Bad Wolf Bay or Southerndown bay & beach. MAJOR UPDATE: Smith has been spotted on set alongside Darvill, Williams (Mark) and Gillan earlier in the day, (the first three pictured right.) Other images have seen the Doctor jumping and running…

We can’t confirm as well as to what the beach’s purpose is. I wouldn’t get your hopes up though r.e. the return of Rose and Ten, (VERY UNLIKELY!) My current thoughts is the episode being shot at the moment is an Amy and Rory episode, i.e. Doctor lite, which could be episode two of the season. Who knows at this stage?


Below is a bulletpoint list of the current rumours…


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