Series Seven Update

 UPDATE: 15/02/12

With S7 filming starting next Monday, more news has emerged- here it is happily summarised in a neat little package!

  •  Saul Metzstein has been revealed as the first director for the season (officially.)  Previous credits include Micro Men and Late Night Shopping
  • Matt Smith commented in an interview with the Guardian newspaper:  “I am very excited. We’ve got four or five scripts which look in really good shape. The casting’s going really well as well. I found out a lovely bit of news this morning actually, about someone who’ll be in it.”
  • He has also confirmed filming will be running all the way to December, (which makes a lot of sense- my timings for the second half are around January/February. This also raises the question when will they be returning to film the 50th Anniversary stuff?) Matt commented on this too: “One of the scripts, a lot of it is outdoors. But hey, there are worse ways to spend your evenings than outdoors being the Doctor and running away from monsters!”
  • It has been described as the “Biggest Series Yet…” by Moffat…
  • It is STRONGLY rumoured that Sophia Myles plays a part in the next season potentially as the new companion. A recent tweet from her about meeting Tom Spillsbury for a “long chat about Who” suggests that she has an involvement. Touchwood- there will be an announcement in the next week or so or even the next DWM.
  • Matt, Karen and Arthur are all in rehearsals. (As told by @bbcdoctorwho)

I expect we’ll receive filming reports/press releases next week revealing what exactly is going to be happening. We’ll keep you posted as allways!


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