An Interview with Kai Owen

 I’ve promised this a few times however I’ve finally decided to bring it out. I’m working on an audio version which you will be able to download as a podcast, (I just need to transfer all of my interviews to iTunes soon!)

Taken from The Hub Issue Four, RTPProductions presents…

An Interview with Kai Owen


Q: How did the role of Rhys come about?

A: It was 4/5 years ago now! My agent rang up saying there’s an audition coming up for a new season in Wales, a spin off of Doctor Who and my agent put the feelers out and I went for a meeting with the casting director and I got in through an audition, read for the part and  they offered me the part of Rhys and we began filming two weeks later. So as normal: acting jobs come along, you have to audition for them and some you don’t get, some you do!

Q: Are you happy the way Rhys has developed over the years? How he’s gone from A (being the husband at home,) to B (being part of the team in some respects)?

A: I am actually. I’ve got to be honest I really am. I love the development. I love the way he didn’t know anything about it in the first season to finding out about it in the second season. He’s really gone from strength to strength really. And his journey has been really great and I’m proud to still be alive and I’m really pleased he’s still there. I also love the fact he’s there now developed with the wife and the baby. It’s great! It’s great to play, works well dramatically, emotionally. Yeah- really great.

Q: What’s it like to act the relationship between Gwen and Rhys? We learnt that it was originally meant to end in S1 with Rhys dying. Are you glad it’s carried on?

A: Oh yeah! Totally! I love the relationship. I think Gwen loves him more than ever and her past is in the past now and they’re solid together through Anwen. Gwen will still be Torchwood everyday. She’ll still run off with Captain Jack to save the world but I think she would always come back to him. Rhys is a rock: he pillow, her shoulder to cry on. He’ll always be there for her you know, and I love acting with her. I love the fantasy element of it but I also love just nice intimate scenes with Eve and myself in the house.

Q: What’s your favourite storyline that involves Rhys in this season?

A: I would have to say when he found out was a great episode for me especially when he finds out what Gwen does. It was a really great episode for me. Fantastic to film, great fun and some really meaty scenes to get my teeth into with Eve. Excellent- that was my favourite.

Q: Lets talk about Miracle Day- obviously it was a giant leap to the USA: what was it like going out there and living in the states?

A: Oh my god it was unbelievable! It was the best job ever, it was what dreams are made of you know: going over to film in Hollywood. We were filming in Warner Brothers on these amazing stages that had filmed so many movies and has been home to so many famous film sets. And the weather was amazing, the lifestyle was amazing. I took my family out with me. Oh that transition was easy to do, you know what I mean. It was amazing. Constantly, constantly grateful, cherished every second and had the best time ever. The time of my life.

Q: Did life on set differ from the UK and the USA?

A: Not at all. There was a bit more man power with the crew and stuff. But not at all it was old Torchwood, still the same. The American team, the American crew used the same techniques. Just a little bit more money over there- bigger budget and the main difference was the weather.

Q: Have you got any on set stories you could share with us?

A: None I can repeat here I’m afraid. They involve John Barrowman and they take a lot of time.

Q: What is Barrowman like on set?

A: He’s great! He’s fun! He’s a live wire. He’s a ball of energy who leads the team and the cast like no other and he’s a top guy. So generous and nothing but praise to say about John- he’s amazing in every way.

Q: Do you have a specific scene out of all the years of Torchwood which you really enjoyed?

A: Oh there’s been so many you know! (Note- he ers and ers a lot here…) Doing the stuff with Bill Pullman was great- opening a can of larger over Bill Pullman. Enjoyed the one to one stuff with him. All the stuff with Eve- the tender moments with Eve. The big argument in Meat. There’s been a lot of lucky stuff to do. I liked the episode “Adam” where Gwen didn’t remember who Rhys was as he switched her memories over. All that stuff was, you know, was brilliant. And I also like the stuff where Rhys and Jack have “locked bones” that is very fun to do with John.

Q: What would you like to see in the future of Torchwood?

A: I don’t really know. I’d like it to continue in this vein. They can do whatever they like with Torchwood- they can bring it back as a special, whatever they want. The thing they need to do is make sure it continues: Rhys still around, still trying to save the world. And Gwen is still there with him getting caught up with it and the big stories.

Q: Do you have a final message for the Torchwood fans?

A: Oh the Torchwood fans are the best in the world! Thank you very much for watching- we always want to do another series. We’ll always try to make it the best and the biggest thing we’ve ever done! So thanks for watching, you’re all great and I love you all to bits.


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