The Christmas Special: What did YOU think?

Personally- I loved it. Very strong story with a lot of emotion alongside some great acting, (minus Claire Skinner- she was a bit of a let down,) but the kids and Smith were great! Amazing to see the Ponds at the end despite knowing AND the sets were amazing! Little slow at times however a lot of the episode made up for itself. 8/10

I’ll be posting a review and a “Review of 2012” when I get time however for now please comment your thoughts! The best will feature in Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey in 2012.



One thought on “The Christmas Special: What did YOU think?

  1. I also scored it as 8/10 originally, although after a night’s sleep I think I would have to knock a point off simply because it did drag so much in the middle.

    Nonetheless, as a one-off seasonal special designed a magical, fairy-tale feel and appeal to both dedicated fans and casual viewers of the show (of which there are many on Xmas Day) alike, it was still great family fun for me. Only Who can pull something like this off without looking terribly hokey.

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