Coming this Month: The Hub Issue Four!

The Hub returns after over four months in hibernation! And it’s back in style with some amazing features…


  • Torchwood’s Heroic Husband!: We interview the amazing Kai Owen, (Rhys Williams,) at the Memorabillia Expo!
  • Miracle Talk!: We look back at Miracle Day with an exciting review, a look at the deceased characters, the gadgets of Miracle Day and more!
  • Fiction Frenzy: We bring you not one, but three fictions, (if you count one of them as a fiction…) Read about Jack’s meeting with Santa in “Be Careful What You Wish For,”; explore what Christmas is like at Torchwood in “Christmas at Torchwood” and the comical “Musical Tale” continues with Abba, Drag and more mishaps!
  • Tales from Hub: We bring you a report from the Massive Events convention: The Hub 7!
  • Comedy: From the mad mind of Matt Powell comes a set of comedy including My First Torchwood, The Torchwood Times and many more odd and perrculiar surprises…
  • News!
  • Posters!
  • The Woodie World looks at Cosplay, Videos and an interview with someone who’s built a Miniature Hub!
  • Madness!
  • And most importantly- Christmas! Expect some exciting festive themed articles and more…
  • Plus a free gift!

All of this will be out around Three Weeks before Christmas! Don’t forget to tweet us to tell us what you think about the line up AND if you still want to write, please get in touch!



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