Wibbly Wobbly Hubby Fanziney Update

Apologies for the slightly “special” name…

So we’re in October. And coming up to November. In the ideal world around about now I would be releasing the latest issue of WWTW. However- something went wrong…

My laptop suffered an IRQL_NOT_EQUAL_OR_LESS error causing my laptop system to go kaput. However files have been saved and we haven’t lost any of the files. Yet.

Therefore: here is a rough plan of action depending on wether I get my laptop back today or tomorrow (which should happen…)

  • WWTW 2: Early November (Frazer Hines Interview, Whooverville 3 and EMS Convention Reports, Sixth Coming Part Two, SJA/Lis Sladen Tribute, reviews, opinionated news and more)
  • The Hub 4: Depending on submissions arriving this weekend, this looks like the 2nd Week of November (the weekend area.) Current contents contains Miracle Day themed articles (reviews, debates, articles) , a new fiction, The Woodie World, news, reviews and more. (Full contents TBA shortly.)
  • WWTW 3: Christmas Time (Christmas Themed articles, interviews and more (full details revealed on the 20th November 2011)
  • The Hub 5: Christmas/New Year (HOPEFULLY an interview)
  • 2012 then sees the Miracle Day Companion, our first printed production, released around January/February depending on how we publish and fanzines running until April. A break for GCSE’s takes place between April and Late June with a return in July.
For more up to date news follow us on twitter: @RTPProductions

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