Five Years of Torchwood

Five Years of Torchwood: told by a Fanzine Making 15 Year Old

Today, the 22nd Ocober celebrates the first episode of Torchwood bursting onto BBC3 screens at 9pm. The evening saw the opening two stories played before the viewers eyes- mainly an audience of Who fans wanting more Jack. I was 10 when Torchwood started and from those episodes I learnt a few things…

  1. 1. How Mum and Dad made me
  2. 2. A whole new set of Vocab.

Avoiding this my Torchwod vieweing expereinces mainly began during S2 as S1 was slightly “adult.” To this date I haven’t seen all the episodes… But from S2 I became in love with the fast paced spin of.Key Torchwood memories from the S2/COE era include downloading all the aduio plays and due to an inset day listening to one live, franticaly refreshing the website waiting for the COE trailer and doing shit loads of jobs to stay up to watch COE live.

After COE was over we had a small hiatus in Torchwood. With silence over the future of Torchwood I slipped away from the mad caped tales in 2010. Until Torchwood Magazine printed Gareth-Davil Lloyd’s comic. This reconnected me with Torchwood and when “The New World” was announced I was extatic. Thus- meaning the launch of The Hub which made me the fan I am today…

I remember everyone thinking “The Hub” was the new Torchwood magazine! I was both shocked and amazed at how popular it became online, (that was one hell of a sort out.) Taking the name of the only Torchwood publication available at the time, this was huge and S1 was a birthday present.

To date- Torchwood is a massive part of me. I got a free autograph from Eve Myles on Issue Three of The Hub, I’ve been turned down by the BBC allowing us to have previews. All of this makes me who I am. And I bloody hope Starz have the right mind to bring it back!

Here’s to another Five, (and longer) Years of Torchwood! Cheers RT!


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