And the Story Goes on… Forever…

18th October 2011: I sit in front of iPlayer due to missing yesterdays. After a warming tea- I watch the last episode with tears in my eyes for Lis Sladen’s last outing as Sarah-Jane was brought to screen. Not only this- this is the last Sarah Jane Adventures EVER. But instead of the expected style tribute- I want to recall the first episode experience…

1st January 2007: What’s this? A Doctor Who kids show? Excellent! (Hits the play button.) Invasion of the Bane was a truly stunning piece of work confirming an amazing cast, (except that Kellsie girl or whatever she was called,) brining a loved companion into a new enviroment to reinspire a new generation of kids. Lis’ acting was stunning and superb returing as Sarah Jane perfectly. Me and my Primary School freinds agreed it was better than the Christmas Special! The pace, the adreneline and the sheer brilliance of a new concept was amazing. And since then- there have only been a few let downs.

And as we say our final salute to the amazing Lis Sladen- that opinion has not changed. Today’s story may have been childish and easily resolved but was brilliant. An amazing ending to such a fine series giving an old companion a second life in the Doctor Who Universe.

But don’t forget: the Story Goes On- Forever. So lets make sure it does.


I apologise for the silence on this blog. I’ll be posting news on upcoming fanzines and projects tomorrow with a bit of luck. For continuous updates follow us on twitter @RTPProductions for more information.


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