REVIEW| Closing Time

Two and a Half Men (With Six Cybermen Too)

“Closing Time” personally was an episode which I was looking forward to. With Corden returning alongside the infamous Cybermen and the Cybermats this promised to be a brilliant episode. And boy it was.

“Closing Time” was a successful and fun episode making up for the poor quality of the previous episode. Every element about the episode proved to be fun and exciting as the last and held a decent level of balance between laughs, sadness, action and arc. Roberts has managed to beat his amazing last episode “The Lodger” which was amazing. The good thing about this episode is it was the “Calm before the Storm” episode which added a small spark of light at the end of the excessively dark Steven Moffat tunnel. Despite being fairly arc driven- this episode threw a fun, exciting last adventure for the loveable timelord. Supposedly.

Corden and Smith were amazing. They both portrayed a perfect humorous companion duo both creating a variety of heavily humorous lines which Roberts has written perfectly. I loved Linda Bryon’s character- delivering even more funny, witted humour which all adds to the never ending Gay Agenda. Which I think is brilliant. It was nice to see a short cameo of Sophie too. The baby was also brilliant! The shots the director managed to get were amazing and despite little acting was needed; the babies made the episode what it was. (Did I really just say that?) The rest of the supporting cast were also brilliant. Overall- the episode cooked up a huge, sweet tasting acting pie which I loved.

The Cybermen! Lovely to see the metal beasties back and all battle scared. I like the new design- the removal of the C looks splendid and the damaged effects were really clever. Also- we got very close to seeing a full conversion which as a Cyber fan has been something I’ve wanted to see for a while. The operating device was quite interesting which I’d love to look at more/see again. We also had the cute return of the Cybermats who looked amazing! The design was superb and I can’t wait to get my hands on the “bump and go” edition.

To top it all off- the set design, effects etc were amazing as usual. One “small” let down was the slightly cheesy way the Cybermen were destroyed. But that can be easily passed. What was really exciting was the appearance of Amy and Rory and THE ENDING! A real jaw-dropper of a cliff-hanger which really “ramped” the scare factor up to a scale it hasn’t reached for a while. The appearance of River and Kovarian were splendid and I’m now DYING for the resolution…

Overall- brilliant work and let’s hope we see Corden next year!

RATING: 9/10


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