REVIEW: The God Complex

Spoilers Ahead!

The Hotel from Hell

Hotels are one of the scariest places in the world. Strange matching wallpaper, the same carpet on every corridor, weird staff to name but a few features of hotels which is all thrown together with a Sci-Fi twist in “The God Complex.” Throwing its toes into the standalone region- this episode put out an entertaining episode with scares and emotion all thrown in. But has it lived up to previous standards? Sort off…

The God Complex was an interesting concept played to a decent standard in the short amount of time it had. What made this episode “work” was the concept. The huge twist on faith was an exciting play on an episode that was starting to lag slightly. Thankfully- the last twenty minutes really paced it up. I’m a massive fan of Whithouse’s work, (Being Human is my fifth Sci-Fi Love tying with Star Wars,) and his previous work was both entertaining and emotional. The concept he built was amazing, original and unique with a clever twist on characters and the surrounding built. Whithouse’s script also delivered lines of humour, darkness and emotion which forgave the way the episode panned out. Whether it was because I was watching the story with a talking family the episode seemed to jump from one item to suddenly chasing a Minotaur. However- I can forgive this due to the previously mentioned elements of the script.

The guest cast were amazing. The combination of three different people gelled brilliantly with an added darkness to the very Ainley Master Joe. Howie, Rita and Gibbs all worked tremendously well all throwing an element of lightness into the episode as well as delivering some truly tear jerking moments. Rita, as many have described her, was perfect companion material and it was sad to see her die. Walliams’ Gibbs was a bit of a letdown. The character didn’t work for me. I did like the character’s race history but whether it was through the performance of Gibbs or the way he was written I’m not sure. Perhaps if we saw more of Gibbs in the episode and he delivered more of a lead then he may have worked better for me. Alas- he did not. Howie was very relatable in his nerdyness. I loved the performance and he and Rita win the Guest Star of the Week award, Joe just loosing it. Gillan, Darvill and Smith continued to overwhelm us with their amazing acting especially towards the end. But we’ll come onto that later.

The set design was beautiful creating a real vivid hell like hotel. The design of the Minotaur was also fantastic. With the nod to the Nimon from the past it gave a little “homage” to the past series. I liked the concept of the Minotaur not being the REAL villain. In fact- the villain was absent. The villain was faith which managed to create a huge twist in the episode provoking some really emotional scenes.

If the episode ended with the Doctor, Amy and Beaky, (I didn’t like that nickname for Rory,) then it would have only scored a 6 or 7 out of 10 but the ending was shocking and brilliant. The Doctor now knows he isn’t brilliant and by removing Amy’s faith in him, (which was surprisingly missing from Rory,) they leave the Doctor without any choice. This was a real tearjerker: to see Amy lose faith in her raggedy man was a sad ending to such a wonderful life. But they haven’t really gone. They’ll be back. I know it.

Overall: a decent episode with a good ending. Not good- BRILLIANT! Now then- time for Corden and the Cybermen, (very excited about this one…)

RATING: 8/10


One thought on “REVIEW: The God Complex

  1. Great review!

    I don’t think I was as positive about the episode as you though. I think the biggest problem in the episode was that it was too easy for the Doctor to take Amy’s faith away from her.

    But so many of the problems in the narrative of this episode stem directly from the writers having no idea of Amy as a character, as I discuss in more detail here:

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