Baker’s Back: Details on Tom Baker’s Forthcoming Big Finish Audios

Fans will be aware that the Fourth Doctor will be making his Big Finish debut in the forthcoming January. With covers, teaser trailers and news being thrown around, we decided to bash it all into one little space for those wanting to know. So here’s our Guide to the Upcoming Tom Baker Audios!

Vital Information

  • 2012 sees a season of six brand new Tom Baker audios featuring Louise Jaimeson as Leela. These continue straight on from “The Talons of Weng Chiang.”
  •  Baker will also be obtaining a now six disc Lost Stories boxset which is set to be released around the same time. Stories included are the six part “Foe of the Future”- Three Discs, “The Valley of Death”- Two Discs, and a One Hour Documentary described to include interviews, out-takes and alternate takes. These are full cast dramas based on original scripts. Fans may also note that on the Talons Special Edition, (Revisitations 1) there is a feature based on this adventure.
  • Currently, (as we released this post,) production on Episode One is underway with the others also heading into production.
  • The season ends with Geoffrey Beevers returning as the Master.
Episode Titles
  1. Destination Nerva
  2. The Renaissance Man
  3. Warth of the Iceni
  4. Energy of the Daleks
  5. Trial of the White Worm
  6. TBA
Recent Cover Art

Artwork from the Big Finish Website.
We’ll be posting more updates as we get them! To pre-order the adventures, visit for more information on ordering”

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