REVIEW: The Girl Who Waited

Rory’s Choice

Tom MacRae hasn’t stopped teasing us. Though the medium of twitter we’ve had quotes images, teasers and more all building up to the interestingly titled “The Girl Who Waited” which promised to be a tear-jerker from the start. And Mr MacRae wasn’t lying- it was the most emotional episode of Doctor Who ever made…

 “The Girl Who Waited” was a beautiful and brilliant episode of Doctor Who which, like “The Doctor’s Wife”, balanced the humour, (I laughed at the mobile phone lines towards the start and various Smith and Darvill lines. They need to start a double act,) adventure and emotional senses during the episode. Tom has written an amazing portrayal of Amy and Rory’s characters and relationship creating scenes which made the cold hearted cry. This is also down to the amazing Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan…

Darvill and Gillan are the force behind this episode pushing their characters to the next level. The episode should have been called Rory’s Choice because despite Gillan’s amazing performance- Darvill gave this episode the emotional qualities it needed creating this rollercoaster adventure that was put before us. Gillan playing an older interpretation of her was amazing. The prosthetic work and the acting combined together to show an Amy who’d lost all hope in her “raggedy man.” In fact- both Darvill and Gillan really push Smith’s Doctor to the limits with some really dark lines such as “You’re turning me into you” and “I don’t want to travel with you anymore” creating an even darker atmosphere in the already dark TARDIS…

 The Handbots and the virus concept were played really well. The CGI work on the garden and the “images” of the entertainment facilities were amusing. The design of the Handbots was beautiful creating another iconic looking robot adding onto the already long list. Their concept was also very interesting: they’re not evil but their kindness will kill you. It was nice to see that there wasn’t a huge alien driven plot in this episode as it would have easily ruined it. Rorybot was funny too. I’d buy a figure of that… And Rory…

There were no faults in this episode. The lack of the Doctor was clever still incorporating him into the story and thanks to a combination of the script, acting and CGI- this episode ranks very high in my top ten episodes. Without a shadow of a doubt- the best episode in this half of the season to date…

RATING: 10/10



2 thoughts on “REVIEW: The Girl Who Waited

  1. Just pushing the wrong button can end in tragedy. it was heart wrenching to see Rory have to decide which Amy to save. The older Amy had lost all hope and hated the doctor, but end the end see saw the look of love Rory had for his Amy and helped make the decision which one to save.

    Very touching episode and it gave Darvill and Gillan an opportunity to really show their acting chops. Brilliant!

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