What do David Tennant, Arthur Darvill, Alex Kingston and Eve Myles have in common?

Answer: They will be attending The Entertainment and Media Show

The Entertainment and Media Show is the last major signing from the amazing Showmasters who hosted the amazing LFCC’11 which we reported about in the first issue of Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey. The show has obtained some HUGE guests which includes DAVID TENNANT’s first ever Convention signing. The two day event has a whole host of Doctor Who guests all listed below…

  • Arthur Darvill SAT
  • Shirley Henderson SUN
  • Miranda Raison SUN
  • Dan Starkey SUN
  • Anneke Wills SUN
  • David Gooderson SUN
  • Philip Rham SUN
  • Caitlin Blackwood SAT/SUN
  • Alex Kingston SAT/SUN
  • Eve Myles SAT/SUN
  • Ian McNeice SUN
  • Kate O’Mara SUN
  • Nina Toussaint-White TBC
  • David Tennant: SUN
  • Georgia Moffet SUN
  • Albert Welding SAT

Photoshoot tickets for the majority of the guests are now available. David’s are running out so buy quickly to avoid dissapointment! Other Photo Ops include Ian McNeice in his costume and nearly all of the above! RTP will be there on Sunday and will most likely be cosplaying as either the Tenth Doctor or Rory. A report will feature in the third issue of WWTW. We may also be emailing the people about interviews however this is unlikely…

Please support these fabulous showrunners who never fail to impress!


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