We’re Back with Great Things to Come!

After another vacation and a convention later RTPProductions is back in action with some amazing things to announce!

Yesterday I was at the Whooverville 3 Convention in Derby and I loved it! I spoke to an awful lot of people who were all lovely, managed to get some help with Issue Two of Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey, did a little bit of promotion and interviewed FRAIZER HINES! Therefore: Issue Two will feature an EXCLUSIVE Interview with Fraizer, a Whooverville 3 Report, the Second Part of Sixth Coming and lots more!

Coming later today- we’ll be bringing you a review of Night Terrors with Let’s Kill Hitler also appearing shortly and some exclusive teasers for Episode Nine of Torchwood for UK viewers. It’s brilliant.

For those wondering about when The Hub returns- we will be returning with a new look packed with features in October, (date TBA.) WWTW#2 will also be out in October, (date TBA.)

Stick around for some Doctor Who and Torchwood goodness!


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