Torchwood “Escape to L.A.” Review (SPOILERS)


Review begins under cut…


Escape to L.A really felt like “retro” Torchwood. Despite the opening of Episode Three this is the first episode that has really felt
like a proper team which makes Episodes One and two look like they could be shrunk into one episode only. With Jack and Gwen resuming their roles- Esther seems to be the new Toshiko with a sprig of Ianto and Gwen’s early days and Rex seems to be Owen without the medical side of things. If Vera joins then we have a full set, though I wouldn’t describe Rex as the new Ianto,  (Iantoians may shoot me…)

Every factor has also been raised by an intense amount from the gore factor, (Ellis Hartman Monroe becoming her worse nightmare through the car crushing and the assassins death were ten times as gore-filled than the head twisting of the female assassin episode two, and who could forget the brutal eye and palm obtaining of the Scientist,) to the action factor, (when the assassin caught Gwen and Jack and the mission itself.) It seems this episode has finally given the season its feet as the key themes begin to show. Gray and Shiban have crafted a masterpiece which really gives this season legs.

The opening of the episode was so perfect. Alexa (Esther) gave such an amazing performance this week: her love for her sister is amazing and I can’t wait to see what happens next with these characters. The assassin was also such a brilliant performance however I doubt we will be seeing him again. Family appears to be a much bigger theme than usual with Rex revisiting his dad which was an amazing scene. That explains his sheer annoying, at the start, arrogance to the more humours Gwen and Rhys phone conversations. I hope that we revisit all of these family stories, especially Esther’s sister…

The key part of the episode was the stealing of the processer which was perfectly crafted. I loved Gwen and Jack’s American Couple act- Eve’s American voice made me p**s myself. Her gothic business look was also brilliant and Eve’s comedic timing was amazing in this episode from the lies concerning their location to the shaved bearded lady to the high heels joke was amazing. Top marks all around for all the lead cast as well as the supporting. I couldn’t find anyone that wasn’t up to scratch…

Pullman was FANTASTIC. As the Comic Con panel revealed despite it’s almost wrong to “love” Oswald it’s too hard not to. His wide variety of acting in this episode varies greatly from the almost strange way he acts in the hotel room to Oswald in the “plague house” was super and his campaign was amazing which appears to be expanded onto next week. Oswald appears to be the new religion… Jilly appeared to have a complete change in attitude to Oswald in this episode which I was very curious about. Her
relationship with him seems to bounce up and down like a bouncy ball. The line about the hands was very interesting… These two actors work so well together and the writing is at such an amazing level.

We also saw the first proper glimpse of the villains with some speech! Very Texas American however it was very creepy and those words: We are everywhere. We are always. We are no one. And soon the families will rise. Hopefully it isn’t too long until we see the families… Could the man who drove Ellis to her death be a member?

Finally the medical side: I loved the plague house concept and that Vera is sick of the whole concept as well as her thoughts on “prophets” like Oswald. Vera is such a strong character and her surrounding colleagues are also amazing. It appears she will be joining the cause to fight the Miracle very soon and the overflow camps appear to be the trigger…

Overall: Torchwood is continuously growing and as we approach the half way mark the stories appear to be getting better and better, darker and darker etc than ever before. Role on Episode Five!


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