Torchwood: Escape to L.A. Reaction- Spoilers

Episode Four was by far the best to date. Each episode grows from strength to strength with some powerfull scenes and some amazing acting. For those who are UK viewers and have not seen the episode, here’s the BBC clip…


When Oswald went into the “plague house” all attitudes changed. Pullman brought out the best performance in this episode and it was a real tear jerker at times!

The scenes in the PhiCorp compound were really action packed and I loved Gwen’s gothic disguise. When they met the inventor of the system I was pissing myself at Gwen’s accent. There was a significant amount of gore in this episode from the crushing of the Dead is Dead campaigner to the shooting of the assasin to the assasin in the inventors car! (I’m c**p with names…)

My full spoiler packed review will be uploaded on Wednesday in The Hub Weekly USA. The preview will materialise tomorrow or Monday.

Rating: 5/5


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